Our Services

Forest Land Management

At Palmetto Pulpwood we offer a very skilled and experienced education to our landowners in addressing their needs and wants for their timberland. The goal of Forest land Management is to work with our landowners on what their objectives are for their timberland property. Our helpful insights and experience will aid into managing timberland property to fit the landowners goals and objectives.

Marketing Services

In order to maximize your timber value it is crucial to market your timber to the highest paying mill. At Palmetto Pulpwood, we are one of the leading suppliers to the mills in our area. Being a lead supplier in our industry we are able to sell your wood to various mills that pay the highest prices for timber.

Landowner Services

Landowners when it comes to their timberland property is our main objective and answering those objectives is our number one goal. At Palmetto Pulpwood we will be able to not only market timber for landowners at the highest value, but we will also be able to instruct a plan to manage their timberland property for future benefit and generations to come.

Harvesting Services

We offer a wide range harvesting services to landowners to assist all of their timberland needs.


At Palmetto Pulpwood we offer chipping services to our landowners. Chipping is a harvesting method that is used when there is a heavy presence of understory. By understory we mean a heavy presence of smaller sizes wood such as sweet gums and Turkey oaks that are normally too small to fit into a log truck. Instead of leaving these after a logging job they are cut and harvested saving time and money on site prep work for our landowners who are wanting to replant their tract back. Chipping has a night and day look after a logging job is completed due to there not being any damaged wood being left over.


We offer a wide range of thinning methods to suit landowners needs for their timberland property.
1. Row Thinning: harvesting every 3rd row, 4th row, or 5th row in a pine stand.
2. Operator select thinning: harvesting that includes selecting any inferior and suppressed trees in a pine stand to allow the dominant and co-dominant trees to grow.
3. Residential Thinning: harvesting that includes leaving 10 to 15 trees per acre.
4. Seed Tree Thinning: harvesting that includes leaving 25 to 30 trees per acre.

Final Harvesting

Final harvesting is a service we offer to landowners who are ready to harvest their total timber investment.

Shovel Logging

Shovel logging is a service we offer to landowners who are seeking to harvest timber in lower ground areas such as swamps and along areas that a standard conventional logging crew would be unable to harvest due to it being a lower ground wet area tract. This is also known as swamp logging.

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